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There is no need to overcomplicate things. As a user you will get the following:

  • Guided viewings of exclusive concepts handpicked to match your business.
  • Reserve projects and ensure that other brands cannot view them.
  • The opportunity to submit design briefs to the designers at a starting cost of €5.000 per brief and 3 guaranteed conceptual bids on your brief provided by selected creatives and reviewed by our review team.
  • After 3 conceptual bids, you will have the option to select one or more of the concepts and develop them into a production-ready design. The following payment terms are available for developing the concept into a production-ready design:
    Minimum 5,000 Euro + Royalty or Full Design fee

The sign-up carries no obligations for you. You pay only when you use the features of the service. To ensure the integrity of our Trust, we log the projects viewed to protect the IP of our designers.

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Access the trust

Access the Trust

Many of the designers in our Trust have submitted concepts waiting for the right partner to realize them. When you join Designers Trust, you will have the opportunity to view and reserve concepts relevant to your business and industry.

To ensure the integrity of our process, we present these in private online viewings for you and your team. If anything strikes your fancy, you can reserve a concept for a pre-determined period of time, and/or acquire the concept for further development.

All concepts submitted by designers have been curated to ensure that the quality presented enables you to properly evaluate potential.
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Create your own design brief

As a brand on Designers Trust, you can submit your own design brief, and our team will review your request. Designers Trust will then invite the most relevant designers to answer your brief.

You are guaranteed a minimum of three qualified brief submissions at a starting cost of €5.000 and delivered at an output level that enables you to properly explore the potential of the designs.

You are free to decide whether you wish to proceed with any of the submissions. If you choose to go ahead, the process is straightforward since the relationship between you and the chosen designer is governed by a standardized legal framework, which allows all parties to focus on what they do best.

In addition, the team at Designers Trust and Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios makes certain that an outstanding output is waiting ahead.
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Ideation groups

For brands with deep expertise within their own categories, the risk of disruption is ever present. With deep focus comes the risk of losing the peripheral view.

At Designers Trust, you can place a task with what we call our ideation groups. Here we ask a minimum of ten designers from around the world for their input on the future of your product, category or industry. Output will take the form of texts, sketches and mood boards with rights cleared for you to use later.

The cost for submitting a project to our ideation groups starts at €10.000 – and can be tailored to your specific needs. Our account team will help find the right solution for your brand.
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