Create a design brief

Once you have submitted your design brief, our designers will develop three concepts in accordance with your design requirements.

Phase I – Three design concept

You will receive a detailed set of deliverables for each design concept. After reviewing the concepts, you can select one of the concepts (or a merger of two or more) to proceed to the next phase for further development.

Phase II – Concept selection and development

After selecting one design concept (or merger of two or more) from Phase I, the design process will proceed to Phase II, where the chosen concept will be developed into the final design based on your feedback.

Phase III - Design for manufacturing

In phase III, you will receive detailed deliverables for the developed design concept for use in product development, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Phase IV - Product launch

Designers Trust offers support required in product launch activities, such as public relations, distribution networks, and submission for design awards.

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