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From the northern part of Denmark comes a legacy and a design tradition unlike any other – a philosophy and approach to life that sees trust as an essential component to success and happiness. For Danes, trust is the cornerstone of our existence and the magic ingredient that allows our society to flourish. From trading with our neighbours, back when a handshake was better than a written contract, to doing our best for the good of others, we have seen how far we can get, together… with a little trust. Designers Trust was created out of a desire to have designers’ interests at heart and to ensure fair share pay, creator credit and access to exciting projects

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Designers Trust connects the designers of the world with the brands who need them – for the benefit of both. We provide brands with access to the world of creativity while making sure all the fine print is handled and taken care of – allowing everyone to focus on what they do best.

Designers Trust is the brainchild of Chief Designer Timothy Jacob Jensen and is based on his family’s century-old design tradition, a Scandinavian approach to fairness and an undeniable eye for quality and aesthetics. His name and legacy is a guarantee that both brands and designers will benefit optimally from Designers Trust.

Designers Trust is based on three principles:

1. Everyone should receive fair compensation for their work! The interaction models are created to ensure that creatives are credited for their work while brands gain access to skilled and competent creatives – with transparency in all parts of the process.

2. A proven process from the “Jensen way” of working – refined over a century and three generations by the most award-winning family in the design world. Read more about our process here

3. Utilizing technology to simplify interactions and ensure equal opportunity for all.

Whether you are a creative or a brand, we provide access to amazing projects, ground-breaking creativity and rewarding cooperation.

Looking for design?

Are you a designer?

1. Exploration

Looking for the next design for your business?
Explore and get inspired

  • Explore curated concepts
  • See new concepts by creating a tailored brief
  • See the future through Ideation

Designers Trust will help with selection and guidance.

2. Concept

Secure the concepts that are right for your business. Designers Trust will help with the negotiation and project start-up.

3. Project

When taking a concept further, you have a project.

The Project-phase means tailoring the concepts and adapting to production ready designs. Designers Trust will help facilitate the collaboration and provide quality assurance throughout the project.

4. Launch

..go do your thing!

Our vision

We provide growth opportunities for designers and brands alike – by acting as a community. Giving brands access to innovative creative competence and designers access to brands with visionary ideas – founded in trust and transparency. We do this by offering a space and a platform, where designers can enjoy professional freedom as part of a community of peers and brands can reap the benefits of outstanding creativ
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Brainchild of Timothy Jacob Jensen

Timothy Jacob Jensen - Designerstrust

Timothy is the Chief Designer of Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios and curator of the Jensen design family legacy. With works included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and countless design icons to their name, the Jensens have the most award-winning family name in the world of industrial design.

From the Jensen family home in the northern part of Denmark, the legacy carries on – and Designers Trust is created in the spirit of this family legacy and its design philosophy.

In this philosophy, timeless and iconic design springs from the inspiration and excitement of the creator – and an open inspiration phase, controlled and guided, yields better results.

With it comes an obligation to strive to be reassuring, caring, exciting and inspiring – while operating on a fair-share principle offering creatives fair compensation and credit for their work. This motivates everyone in the value chain to do their best and inspires them to realize their full potential.

This setup will ensure global brands and manufacturers easy access to skilled, creative talents and design expertise curated by Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios.

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