Three paths to design excellence

Design by Tonis Vellama - Designerstrust

Design by Tonis Vellama

1. Subscribe and Browse the Trust

Our Trust contains hundreds of submitted concepts waiting for the right partner to realize them.

By subscribing, you will have the opportunity to browse, view, reserve and acquire these concepts for further development.

All submitted concepts have been curated by our design team to ensure that the quality presented, enables you to properly evaluate its potential. To ensure the integrity of our Trust, we log what concepts have been viewed to protect the IP of our designers.

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2. Create a design brief and Get a quote

If you know exactly what you need, Designers Trust can connect you with world-class designers matching your specific requirements.

  • Gain fresh and new perspectives on your design brief.
  • Guaranteed quality from highly skilled designers, delivered in a timely manner.
  • From idea to execution though a process developed to perfection.

If you are in doubt about any part of the process you can fill out a brief and get a customized quotation based on your brief in 48 hours.

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Design by Paul Taylor - Designerstrust

Design by Paul Taylor

Design by Tonis Vellama - Designerstrust

Design by Tonis Vellama

3. Get a glimpse of the future

If you are not looking for a particular product or design but would like a look into a crystal ball to help you navigate the future of your industry, Designers Trust can help you, thanks to our ideation groups.

  • Get inspired by our designers’ input on the potential future of your business segment.
  • See what the minds of the world’s creatives come up with when asked to draw outside the lines on your behalf.
  • Benefit from IP-cleared input from at least ten creatives.

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Matching creativity and talent with projects and brands

What provides a competitive edge today?

The answer is simple; stand out and be relevant! Getting the right designers to create exceptional products and award-winning designs is the key to delivering on many things, such as a competitive edge, better margins, and superior profits. With predefined models for compensation and cooperation, you get to skip all the negotiation and uncertainty often involved in a design process. At Designers Trust we provide various setups allowing you to choose the best fit for your business model.

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Creativity and talent should be shared!

Designers Trust is a design as a service platform that has been created to connect and expose your talent to the people and brands who can bring it to life. Created by Chief Designer Timothy Jacob Jensen and based on the design method and philosophy condensed by the most award-winning family in the design world, Designers Trust will let you share this philosophy and reap the benefits of having the heavy lifting taken care of by us while building your own legacy. Whether you have any shelved designs to offer or you are looking for new design briefs to answer, you will get connected here.

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Barack Obama first to wear PURE by Timothy

Former US President Barack recently visited the municipality of Skive, Denmark where Designers Trust HQ is also located. Mayor Peder Christian Kirkegaard had chosen four wristwatches from the new PURE by Timothy collection as the municipality’s official gift, designed by the fourth generation of the famous JENSEN design family, Freja , daughter of Timothy Jacob Jensen. Obama got watches from the Jensen family for himself, his wife Michelle, and their two daughters. 

Designers Trust wins prestigious award

Bring 12 Portable Lamp White, a simple, stylish, and the elegant portable outdoor lamp just won a prestigious international  award at Messe Frankfurt – organized by the German Design Council. Bring has a round, illuminated surface, and with just a gentle press, the Moodmaker™ functionality is activated and the light can be dimmed in two steps – and with an additional press, the light switches off completely. Bring is created by Alasdair McPhail  

HALD Signage

Information signage with Totem, Fingerpost and QR forest signage based on the city of Hald. The project aims to raise awareness of the area with the aim to get more locals and tourists to the area.

New lambskin chairs from the Faroe Islands

Gudrun & Gudrun are famous for their knitted sweaters made from Faroese wool. While the wool is in great demand, the lambskins are widely destroyed. What a waste! Not so much anymore as the skin is now used for a new lounge chair inspired by sea, whales, and the stunning landscapes of the northern islands. The Orcas chair is designed by trust member Ulrich Lowenstein for Gudrun & Gudrun.

Puimsteen bathroom collection for Karat Enterprises

A new line of bathroom fixtures called Puimsteen was designed by Timothy Jacob Jensen & Paul Taylor in collaboration with Designers Trust. The inspiration behind Esther – Puimsteen reflects the idea that everything in nature goes in a loop, from ligh

The first Danish Design Studio Collection

The first Danish Design Studio Collection was made in collaboration between Designers Trust and Weisz designed by Alasdair McPhail, Ashwin Madassery, Sanjay Yadav, and Timothy Jacob Jensen.

The Vikings went to Italy

Valhalla is a thousand years old sustainable reinterpretation of the Viking ships. Made in collaboration with Gerris Boats presented at Largo di Como.

Timestone: The environmentally friendly memorial stones

The Sea Urchin design is inspired by organic and calm lines found in nature, with the option to add personalized engravings on a brass plate. The Impact design is inspired by the physical impact of a drop breaking the surface of the water and features rings symbolizing the impacts on one’s life.

Our designers


George Giannikopoulos

Industrial Designer
George Giannikopoulos -Designerstrust

Jonas Gaarde

Industrial designer
Jonas Gaarde -Designerstrust

Kalyani Chopade

Product Designer
Kalyani Chopade -Designerstrust

Ioanna Adamopoulou

Associated Co-creator
Ioanna Adamopoulou -Designerstrust

Josefine Bentzen

Senior Industrial Designer
Josefine Bentzen -Designerstrust

Troels Jacob Jensen

Industrial designer and installation artist
Troels Jacob Jensen -Designerstrust

R. Giray Yiğit

Global Project Manager
R. Giray Yiğit -Designerstrust

Yashas Ganesh

Industrial Design Graduate
Yashas Ganesh -Designerstrust

Chamaikarn Pai Chartsiri

Textile Product designer focus on sustainability and circularity
Chamaikarn Pai Chartsiri -Designerstrust

Toko Jensen

Toko Jensen -Designerstrust

Felix Hoffmann

Industrial/Product Designer
Felix Hoffmann -Designerstrust

Manisha Wadhwa

Associate Design Intern
Manisha Wadhwa -Designerstrust

Paul Taylor

Product Designer/Strategist
Paul Taylor -Designerstrust

Kaveri Popat

Industrial and Product Designer
Kaveri Popat -Designerstrust

Pornthep Chatpinyakoop

Pornthep Chatpinyakoop -Designerstrust

Charles Daumin

Freelance industrial designer&mechanical engineer
Charles Daumin -Designerstrust

William Hsu

Industrial Design Director
William Hsu -Designerstrust

Matija Milkovič Biloslav

Industrial Designer
Matija Milkovič Biloslav -Designerstrust

Rakpong Songpitak

Industrial Design
Rakpong Songpitak -Designerstrust

Tõnis Vellama

Head Designer
Tõnis Vellama -Designerstrust

Timothy Jacob Jensen

Professor & designer
Timothy Jacob Jensen -Designerstrust

Ulrick Löwenstein

Senior Industrial designer
Ulrick   Löwenstein -Designerstrust

Thor Høy

Thor   Høy -Designerstrust

Svend Onø

Creative Design Consultant
Svend Onø -Designerstrust

Valentina Kushnereva

Industrial designer/Graphic designer/Brand identity
Valentina Kushnereva -Designerstrust

Alasdair McPhail

Chief Industrial Designer
Alasdair McPhail -Designerstrust

Abhinav Rao

Product Designer
Abhinav Rao -Designerstrust

Brandan Traini

Industrial/Product Designer
Brandan Traini -Designerstrust

Benjapol Kittisakulnam

Former Design director DEVHUB RSU
Benjapol Kittisakulnam -Designerstrust

ERIC Schiabor

Senior Product Designer Inventor
ERIC Schiabor -Designerstrust

Mathis Heller

Owner / Design Director
Mathis Heller -Designerstrust

Arne Maes

Industrial designer
Arne Maes -Designerstrust

Christophe Walch

Concept Creator
Christophe Walch -Designerstrust

Abhinav Dapke

Industrial Designer
Abhinav Dapke -Designerstrust

Nigel Hopwood

Creative Director
Nigel Hopwood -Designerstrust

Ashwin Madassery

Co-Creator, Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios/Freelance
Ashwin Madassery -Designerstrust

Peter Forsberg

Industriel Designer
Peter Forsberg -Designerstrust

Sanjay Yadav

Industrial Designer
Sanjay Yadav -Designerstrust

Francisc-Norbert Vicze

Digital product designer
Francisc-Norbert  Vicze -Designerstrust

Freja Jensen


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