Gudrun & Gudrun - Javnvág

Gudrun & Gudrun - Javnvág by Designers Trust

Gudrun and Gudrun started their journey with hand knitting, specifically the famous Sarah Lund sweater. They employ women in the Faroe Islands, Peru, and Jordan to make warm sweaters for women, men, and children.
Over time, the company has expanded into fashion, textiles, and furniture.
Recently, a new rug called Javnvág was added to their collection.
The classic Herringbone pattern inspired the design of the rug made of Faroese wool.
It was created by Charmaikarn Pai on our DS platform. This is yet another example of how Designers Trust makes it easy and affordable for big and small brands alike to get easy access to great designers worldwide.

Gudrun and Gudrun have approximately 70 dealers worldwide, including the USA, Japan, Australia, and Europe, in addition to their webshop.
Their only physical store is located in Thorshavn.
Designed for: Gudrun & Gudrun
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