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Want to share your designs and skills?

As a designer, getting your work noticed and deploying your skill set has never been easier. Simply create your profile and start uploading your concepts or participate in our design briefs.

Opportunity to upload your concepts to the Trust where brands and manufacturers can view them. If they buy your concept, you will be compensated to complete it into final designs. Our view log will ensure that your IP is protected.

Getting your design profile matched with incoming briefs from brands – and your own choice of briefs to engage in. Ability to focus on what you do best. The legal framework and negotiation on compensation is taken care of. You choose only the models that work best for you.

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Create your profile on the Trust

Create your profile on the Trust

When you join Designers Trust as a designer, you create your own profile containing experience details, a short bio and credentials.

You will also be able to build your portfolio and submit any concepts that are just waiting for the right brand or buyer.

Joining Designers Trust is free. We get paid when you get paid. When you upload a project, you determine possible compensation models, which will be visible to brands and buyers. You keep half of the revenue.

Working with us at Designers Trust, you are ensured half of the revenue made on your designs. We find the brands, handle the fine print and promote your skills – you focus on creating great designs.

To ensure the high standard of designers and the concepts in the Trust, all profiles are subject to a review process before they are activated on the platform. This is to protect the integrity of the design craft and to guarantee the quality of the work that brands will meet on Designers Trust.

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    Design by Tonis Vellama - Designerstrust
    Design by Tonis Vellama - Designerstrust
    Submit your design concept to the Trust

    Submit your design concepts to the Trust

    As designers, we know that inspiration often strikes without a client waiting. So at Designers Trust you’ll get the opportunity to upload concepts that need help finding the right brand for execution.

    If you want to showcase your concepts on Designers Trust, you get to select a mode of compensation from a range of predefined models. Fee, royalties or a mix – the choice is yours.

    When you submit a concept, we have review designers ready to help ensure the best possible result by offering input to help sharpen your project for presentation.

    Your concepts will not be publicly visible but showcased only when brands subscribe to Designers Trust and gain access to the concepts. The Brands that subscribe will also have to sign and NDA upon subscription. This is done to protect your IPRs as a designer while making sure that relevance for brands is high. You can read more about how Brands can subscribe and can browse the Trust here

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      Engage in Design Briefs

      Get invited to Design briefs

      Brands that are on our platform can host Design Briefs/ Pitches.

      You will have the opportunity to be matched with incoming briefs based on your experience, portfolio and interests.

      The compensation terms and deadlines are stated in each design brief to ensure transparency.

      If your concept is selected by the brand, you will win the brief and start working with the client on developing the concept into a production-ready design.

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        Design by Tonis Vellama - Designerstrust
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