Jonas Gaarde

Industrial designer

Member since: 2023-01-31

Since graduating from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 1996, Jonas has contributed hundreds of designs from lifestyle and consumer products to medical and industrial solutions for Volvo, LG Electronics, Jacob Jensen, Nordlux, Thiele, XO Care, Motorola, JO-EL, Nomads by NNON, Le Creuset, Thermex, Gaggenau, Vestas, GN Mobile, and many others.
Products include everything from wind turbines to headsets, from wristwatches to furniture, from lamps to ovens, as well as countless other products, many of which have won prestigious design awards, such as Red Dot, Good Design, PlusX, IF Award, and The Danish Design Award (Formerly ID Prisen).

Jonas’ main strengths lie in the fields of ideation, concept development, product design, design management, and design direction, keeping a firm grasp of the entire process from initial idea to finished product.

XO Care XO4 Dental Unit

The XO4 was designed in collaboration with the Jacob Jensen Design team to be as unintimidating and unintrusive as possible. The design won the prestigious Danish Design Award, which was presented in person by HRH Crown Prince Frederik.

Jacob Jensen Doorbell

With a design resembling an opening door, this wireless doorbell features various high-quality sounds, including a recording of Jacob Jensen himself knocking on a wooden door.

GN Mobile Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

Two examples of several products designed during my time at Jacob Jensen Design. The JX10 (left) was the worlds smallest and lightest Bluetooth headset at the time. Available in several colors as well as limited edition versions in solid stainless steel and 24 carat gold plating. The premium JX20 headset (right) was technologically superior and more advanced than the JX10. Three versions were made, two in different shades of anodized titanium, and a limited edition in solid Sterling Silver.

Jacob Jensen Chronograph

The Chrono series is proof that a complex timepiece such as a chronograph can still possess a classic, quiet beauty. The second, minute and hour hands are made in a gold, silver, and bronze finish respectively.

Skives 11 Stjerner – The 11 Stars of Skive

A family of sculptures, designed at Jacob Jensen Design, and placed in 11 roundabouts in the Danish town of Skive.

Jacob Jensen Telephone T6

Jacob Jensens first cordless DECT telephone was loaded with advanced features, dressed in a classic glass and aluminum exterior.

Jacob Jensen Telephone T80

Based on the T6s design, this was the most advanced DECT phone in the marketplace, yet retaining a simple, stylish design.

Nordplan SHADE

Another product family designed together with Jacob Jensen Design, this series of storage units for archives, records, libraries etc. was available in both manual and motorized versions. Features include stainless steel fronts, backlit displays, and various optional control systems.

Jacob Jensen One-slot Toaster

One of a series of several flatbed and slot-loading toasters. User-programmable timer and toasting level. Features a browning indicator and LED display.

Jacob Jensen Kitchen Scale

Designed to save space on the kitchen counter-top, this very precise scale is wall-mounted and easily folds away when not in use.

Lifa Kitchen 1

A premium and innovative kitchen, created in collaboration with Jacob Jensen Design. The sloping front panels allow for a larger tabletop area, without sacrificing precious floor space. The most-used top drawers are roomier than the less-used bottom ones. All grip-less design, built-in controls for work light, floor light, and various IT and entertainment features.

Jacob Jensen Kitchen Timer

Made from watch-grade glass and stainless steel, this timer uses an innovative way of showing time. The timer in the picture is set to count down for 3 hours 30 minutes.

Thermex Inn-Line

A series of high-end stainless steel extractor hoods, ovens, and cooktops, with discrete, minimalistic controls, all created in the classic Jacob Jensen Design style.

Jacob Jensen Parking Disc

One of the very first automatic electronic parking disks in the world. It sets itself, ensuring that you will never get a parking ticket.

Nomads by NNON

A series of 27 wristwatches and chronographs, some featuring the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th letters in the runic alphabet. All models featuring Italian leather straps.
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