Tõnis Vellama

Head Designer

Member since: 2021-04-23

Graduated as product designer in Estonian Art Academy. Diploma work: Range of outdoor light fixtures. Co-working for Jacob Jensen Design (1989-1994) Designer in lighting manufactory Glamox in Estonia (1994-1999) Founder of lighting design company SEOS Valgustus (1997 - ) Member of Association of Estonian Designers Initiator of number of Estonian Design Exhibitions.

Chandelier Inflore

Shape of the inflorescence, sandblasted glass balls are resting on wire frame, thus forming a simple cluster.

Wall Lamp Iris

A mystical dot on the wall looks like an eye. Or is it looking on you? White base and black dot in the middle is basic model. Brushed brass base is an option to get luxurious warm touch and dynamic reflections. 2020

Coat Stand Conifer

Conifer is made of wood stem in metal tube and sufficiently heavy reinforced concrete base.
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Tõnis Vellama - Head Designer - Designer at Designers Trust