Gudrun & Gudrun - Orca chair

The design of the orca chair is inspired by Gudrun Ludvig’s upbringing in Greenland - a silhouette envisioned from the fin of the orca whale pounding in the waves.

The Orca chair is made from 95% regenerated acrylic and comforted by the weatherproof rugged Faroese lamb skins from sheep that are roaming in the mountains all year round. the skins are hand-cut for obtaining a hand-made and rugged look. the Faroese lambskin is a waste product from mutton production; therefore no animals are slaughtered only for using the skins.

The Faroese sheep are spotted, so every chair is one of a kind and the chair features a light and a dark color version.
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Gudrun & Gudrun - Orca chair designed for Gudrun & Gudrun -