Troels Jacob Jensen

Industrial designer and installation artist

Member since: 2021-11-07

I am trained as an industrial designer at Århus school of Architecture, Denmark, and have worked as designer and project manager at Jacob Jensen Design studio amongst others. Beside product design I have worked with interactive art installation and scenography. I focus on materializing good ideas having them create an interesting and meaningful relation between object and people, and through this interaction draw out a richer experience of the world, of objects and of relations between people. My work spans from high end product design over product engineering and development to scenography and sight specific interactive art installations.

ROD - Abandoned houses

In collaboration with Anika Barkan and Mika Fossling and financed by the Danish Art Council I explored abandoned houses and their performative potentials. Abandoned houses contain an aesthetic, nostalgic and story-telling value, in the absence of life, in the fragmented, in the incomplete, there is room for curiosity and imagination. With the project, we want to dive into what was, to create a different narrative about the outskirts of Denmark, a place that connects us to our common history. Through a performing arts adaptation, we want to illuminate the human, the lived lives.

The Mussel

Made for the municipality of Skive this project was made at Jacob Jensen Design to visualize the potential of a modern and multi use cultural center with architectural qualities that would attract attention on an international level. The Mussel relates to the origin of life in the sea and is therefore placed partially in the fjord. The proposal is an artistic symbol of the story of evolution, from nature to culture, and also points to the further development and interpretation of ourselves as human beings and of our culture and civilization.

Kitchen Timer for Bell Express

During my work at Jacob Jensen Design studio I worked on a Kitchen timer for Bell Express. The idea of the traditional analog timer meets the digital and minimalistic expression in a clean design where the easy and intuitive use is at the core of the product.

Electric guitar

A guitar design for the European guitar player. With the natural materials at the core of the expression set to a shape that playes with the sharp and rounded with the circle as a constructive parameter. A new shape, still with clear references to the classical design of the iconic electrical guitar of the early 1950s.
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Troels Jacob Jensen - Industrial designer and installation artist - Designer at Designers Trust