Sanjay Yadav

Industrial Designer

Member since: 2020-09-04

As a learner, I try to visualize things from a different perspective. Observe them and try to dig deeper to find out how they are interconnected to each other, and how they affect the ecosystem. I love exploring ideas & try to create solutions which solve problems driven by human actions & habits.

Llyn Next-Gen Basin

New generation washbasin + dryer for your bathroom spaces. Combined and integrated different functions to change the existing experience around washbasins

Smart Bus Shelter for the Indian market

New bus stop concept is based on improved user experience to ease the life of daily commuters. A complete system with eco-friendly and functional improvements. Where we also provided space for vendors and merging them into the system benefits both, the user experience of daily commuters and provides a permanent space to a vendor.


An organizer which is connected to your phone plays music and charges your phone. STOCKHOLM mini is crafted with premium materials - its aluminium body and custom-made Kvadrat textile add a stylish touch to the surroundings. New user experience has been given the utmost priority with a subtle touch of simplicity.


Model and visualize a SilverFast Yacht

Skive City Wayfinding

Signage design is inspired by the classic LEGO bricks, which provide broad flexibility in both expression and content via a click/snap-in system. Through minimalist dissemination of information, the design reflects good hospitality that invites guests to experience Skives attractive sights and cultural institutions.

AURO Desktop Organizer

AURO is a simple desk organizer for your home or office space. A minimal design that is inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle and could fit in any surroundings.
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