Nigel Hopwood

Creative Director

Member since: 2020-09-20

From 1990 to 2013, I headed the graphic department of Jacob Jensen Design in Northern Jutland, Denmark. Some of the clients I have collaborated with include: Toshiba, Gaggenau, Volvo, Technics, Vestas, Steinway Lyngdorf, Bang & Olufsen, Jacob Jensen, Ecco, The Social Democratic Party of Denmark and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. Covering disciplines from graphic design to product design, design for print to graphic user interface (GUI), packaging to brochures, logotypes to full corporate design programs and architecture to urban design. A number of projects under my direction have been honoured with design awards and included in exhibitions and permanent collections of museums around the world. Since 2013 until today, I have primarily been working for Ranum Efterskole College as both a designer and teacher and have established my own design company together with my wife Katja: Ryan Hopwood Design

Folkekirkens Visual Identity and Design Manual

Client: Folkekirken (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark) Design brief: Design and develop a Logo and Design Manual for the -Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark- that is truly anchored in the Danish peoples idea of their church. Develop an online publication system to entice users. I was involved through the whole design process with main responsibility developing the overall design and aesthetics.
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Nigel Hopwood - Creative Director - Designer at Designers Trust