ERIC Schiabor

Senior Product Designer Inventor

Member since: 2020-09-26

My design philosophy by: Eric M Schiabor I start with function, because function must be the best possible, For the problem. Sometimes there is more than one function that will work well. Function is = to a machine in many ways, and a machine can solve the design problem, But the machine does not have to have beauty to function. But again the machine even Thought it may not have beauty , it may by design or chance , and that beauty could be The best design solution and function for the design or product. When a function has multiple functions in the same design, it may add value to the Design, but can hinder the design if the design would be more pure true ,authentic And clear in design. Regarding adding beauty and art to your design, I believe Plato Had it right “the truth of things such as art and design to be perfect must come from A higher order of thought to be pure “ideal perfection. Also my design philosophy is influence by my exposer to art, at a young age. and later to architecture and building which my father did. Building structures Lends its self to wanting the structure to be nice looking, naturally, and pleasing the to the public. Also at a young age I designed my bike, to be like a motorcycle. This was achieved by adding New forks to the front of the bike and adding a small wheel. This made the bike into a functional “ “chopper” as we called it. So this influenced my design philosophy , because it show me you could physically change the structure of things. Some other things at a young age were toys That influenced me were my erector set and my electric car set. Also my Spirograph drawing Machine and gears. Referring to techniques I believe that the field of cybernetics” broadly the defined as “ the control of any system using technology” this field of study has contributed to mechanical design As well as many other fields of study, including our government and cognitive and behavioral Studies to name just a few. Norbert wiener a famous designer defined cybernetics as “ the scientific study of control and communication in the machine.” Part of my design philosophy has roots in cybernetic theory . in fact the product design is a closed system. an example of this is my cat carrier design. In which I did research on cats Behavior. this was useful in the system of the cat from in cage , to out of cage , and to create a flow diagram for study of the cat. Also they is a connection going back to Plato Which has a connection to thoughts on art as well. So I feel the connection of art and engineering are intrinsically tied , and are needed for good design . “there is beauty in good design, and greatness when you find both” my quote and thought.
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