Ajay Jiji

Associate Intern

Member since: 2023-08-07

As a passionate and adventurous young designer, I thrive on exploring uncharted territories and pushing design boundaries. My focus goes beyond aesthetics; I aim to create impactful solutions that genuinely enhance people's lives by deeply understanding user needs. Empathy is at the core of my process, allowing me to craft designs that resonate emotionally. Eager for continuous growth, I embrace challenges and constantly seek fresh perspectives, ready to embark on the next thrilling chapter of my design journey.


SkyGrip represents a user-centric approach to designing a throttle handle specifically tailored for paramotors. This innovative throttle is engineered with a focus on user experience, featuring a movable design that ensures smooth action, thereby enhancing the sensation of speed sensitivity.


BOChair design merges innovation, functionality, and convenience. It prioritizes efficient packaging, easy transport, and user-friendly assembly. By employing smart engineering and modular concept, these furniture piece reduce shipping costs, environmental impact, and space constraints.
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Ajay Jiji - Associate Intern - Designer at Designers Trust