Abhinav Dapke

Industrial Designer

Member since: 2020-09-21

A Multidisciplinary Designer with rich, Insightful experience of creating products with meaningful stories that align with the company’s business, priorities and initiatives. Leading cross-disciplinary work for diversified domains. Expertise : Consumer Appliances and Mobility.

LED Streetlight, Lighting Technology 2015

It is outlined design showing the presence iconic profile of the streetlight. LED lights in this design, defines the design while the surrounding open area creates the space for self-cleaning & heat dissipation thus increasing the lifespan of LEDs.

Water Purifier, Brita 2019

This is an elegant design balancing Brita design language, puriu001fcation technology & the Indian context. The minimal design approach maintains its simplicity and focus on perfection.

Recess light, Lighting Technology 2015

LED Recess lights spread across the ceiling create an attractive starry pattern. Many simple stars form a beautiful constellation.

Unisex Watch Concept, Breil 2011

As Priceless as Flowers & Stars. The dial has hour marks & 15, 30, 45 minutes division between them. The single hand indicates the time - 10, 11, 12, 1, 2...Hours: 15, 30, 45 minutes

Chair Concept, Thonet 2015

It is sleek Thonet design : Pure, Simple, Superb detailing. Simple Tubular structure holding bend ply.

Candle Stand Concept, Stelton 2012

It is simple elegant design that holds the candle. They create beautiful patterns when placed together.
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