Kaveri Popat

Industrial and Product Designer

Hi! This is Kaveri, an industrial and product designer. I focus on making empathetic products. I am flexible, nimble and dynamic in practice of identifying the problem, researching, analyzing, generating solutions and prototypes, user testing and outcome evaluation. Having worked for clientele projects companies like Home Centre, Dubai; Decathlon, France, working with renowned design studios such as Quolt Enterprises and Timothy Jacob Jensen thereafter and having done a number of freelance projects for mass manufacturers in the past few years of experience, I developed myself as a whole and sole Industrial Designer with a package of valuable skill sets. A perspicacious leader, driven by balanced decision making, I see life as an opportunity of self expression. Having a polyvalent and versatile nature helps me adapt quickly to new design processes and interdisciplinary mindsets and always makes me curious for creative outlooks in the design world.