Arne Maes

Industrial designer

Member since: 2020-09-22

We focus on discovering problems that matter and solve them with creative thinking. Rather than design magazines and Pinterest, we like to find inspiration by travelling, interacting and seeking discomfort. It's easy to solve problems everybody sees, but when digging deeper we can find intuitive interaction that will build the foundation for our design process. We strive to shape products that are loved for their personality and embraced for the impact they create, not only functionally but also emotionally, convinced that designing a product is designing a meaningful relationship.

Onmi Off-grid

We are so used to having power and connectivity in our lives, bringing our devices everywhere. But when we venture off-grid, power and connectivity can be quite unreliable. Thats why we designed Omni Off-Grid; to help you prepare for any situation.
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Arne Maes - Industrial designer - Designer at Designers Trust