Felix Hoffmann

Industrial/Product Designer

Member since: 2021-08-27

Felix Hoffmann Design is a dynamic design studio, which is characterized by the application and combination of different design styles. By combining classic product design with modern, digital approaches, we create high quality products and solutions that stand out.

The focus is on creative design solutions and concepts to enable brands to inspire customers and attract attention on the market with their products. In our process, we specifically respond to customer requests in order to achieve the greatest possible value.

Timestone Tombstones

In this project Felix Hoffmann was responsible for the product and logo design of Timestone. The Timestone products are not traditional tombstones - but something completely new. The products take their organic shapes and lines from nature in a simple and natural way.

Tobacco Pipes

Felix Hoffmann has worked on several tobacco pipes for different clients. In addition to the aesthetic components, physical ones such as smokeability, size, weight, finish, material, shape, etc. are of great importance. With every property, great importance is attached to the wishes of the client in order to achieve the best possible goal together.
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Felix Hoffmann - Industrial/Product Designer - Designer at Designers Trust