Thor Høy


Member since: 2021-03-14

Thor Høy, born 1975, has worked as an in-house jewellery designer for world-renowned and exclusive jewellery and lifestyle brand Georg Jensen, and as an in-house product designer for Rosendahl Design Group, one of the most well-known design houses in Scandinavia and owner of such iconic brands as Holmegaard, Kaj Bojesen, Kähler, Rosendahl and more. Originally a carpenter and joiner by education and trade, Thor Høy maintains a special place in his heart for wood. Through years of work, however, and by way of a degree in production technology, he has acquired experience across a wide range of materials and production processes. Operating since 2016, the studio provides design work to various international design brands and businesses. - My work intersects various physical design disciplines from jewellery, furniture and tableware to lighting and industrial design, allowing them all to pollinate and inform each other. I am a deeply committed and passionate person and I take great pride in combining my creativity and my craftsmanship to create useful and beautiful products. My approach to design is rooted in a modernistic Nordic design tradition, adding a poetic twist, a bit of piracy, a dose of practicality and a keen eye for both shape and cost. New ideas are just old knowledge combined in new ways – this is why it is important to be diverse, complex, industrious and curious. I am not afraid of asking silly questions and provide controversial answers, and I never quit before the race is run. A product should be unobtrusive and the design must be properly balanced. If it is cumbersome or annoying to use, it will automatically become less attractive to the eye of the user. Great design strikes at the heart of the balance between functionality, appearance and sustainability. This balance is what I strive to accomplish with every single design I create. -


Penta - A collection of geometric tableware for Rosendahl Design Group Coffee thermos and series of bowls, tea strainers etc. I got the opportunity to put geometry on the table for Danish design and tableware brand Rosendahl Design Group. Drawing inspiration from the platonic solids, and working with angles meeting curves, making the practical beautiful as well as useful.
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