Meet our designers

Designers Trust is home to a wide range of designers. From young up-and-coming talent, to experienced veterans of the craft - all are educated and verified.
In the following section, you can browse a selection of the designers who have chosen to work through Designers Trust, and you can see a selection of their individual portfolios.
Some of the products you will see here are created through Designers Trust and some are not - but they are all a testament to the skill level of our designers.

Meet our designers

George Giannikopoulos

Industrial Designer

Jonas Gaarde

Industrial designer

Kalyani Chopade

Product Designer

Ioanna Adamopoulou

Associated Co-creator

Josefine Bentzen

Senior Industrial Designer

Troels Jacob Jensen

Industrial designer and installation artist

R. Giray Yiğit

Global Project Manager

Yashas Ganesh

Industrial Design Graduate

Chamaikarn Pai Chartsiri

Textile Product designer focus on sustainability and circularity

Toko Jensen

Felix Hoffmann

Industrial/Product Designer

Manisha Wadhwa

Associate Design Intern

Paul Taylor

Product Designer/Strategist

Kaveri Popat

Industrial and Product Designer

Pornthep Chatpinyakoop


Charles Daumin

Freelance industrial designer&mechanical engineer

William Hsu

Industrial Design Director

Matija Milkovič Biloslav

Industrial Designer

Rakpong Songpitak

Industrial Design

Tõnis Vellama

Head Designer

Timothy Jacob Jensen

Professor & designer

Ulrick Löwenstein

Senior Industrial designer

Thor Høy


Svend Onø

Creative Design Consultant

Valentina Kushnereva

Industrial designer/Graphic designer/Brand identity

Alasdair McPhail

Chief Industrial Designer

Abhinav Rao

Product Designer

Brandan Traini

Industrial/Product Designer

Benjapol Kittisakulnam

Former Design director DEVHUB RSU

ERIC Schiabor

Senior Product Designer Inventor

Mathis Heller

Owner / Design Director

Arne Maes

Industrial designer

Christophe Walch

Concept Creator

Abhinav Dapke

Industrial Designer

Nigel Hopwood

Creative Director

Ashwin Madassery

Co-Creator, Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios/Freelance

Peter Forsberg

Industriel Designer

Sanjay Yadav

Industrial Designer

Francisc-Norbert Vicze

Digital product designer

Freja Jensen